Need to scratch off another one

Another installment in fast food follies.

Mosied up to Arby’s for a roasted turkey sandwich for lunch today. Standing at the counter, I can see the guy building sandwiches. They always weigh the meat they put in the sandwiches. They used to put the meat in a fresh paper cup, then put the cup on the scales. When the weight was right, they would put the meat on the sandwich, and throw the paper cup away. Not anymore. Now they put the meat directly on the pan on the scale. This is the second or third time I have noticed them doing that. I wonder how often the pan on the scale is washed? Daily? Weekly? Ever?

In a somewhat related case, the city of Detroit voted against a proposed ordinance requiring restaurants to post a color coded card showing how the restaurant performed on Health Department inspections. Seems it is more important to not burden the “JCs”, than it is to inform customers whether a restaurant’s food handling practices are up to snuff, or not.



The govt inspections are presumably public information. Our local newspaper, lacking much real news to fill the space, publishes the results on a regular basis.

In other news, Kroger deli slices different meats on their slicers all day long. Depending on who is back there they may wipe it clean, especially if a bloody roast beef is followed by a chicken breast or something. But a friend used to work there, and he says they are scrupulous about having to break down each slicer every two hours and thoroughly clean it. So maybe the Arby’s didn’t really need to use the “sanitary” cup?



You seem to care about your health and that pan. Put that belief in your needs into cooking at home. You are retired. You have the time. Learn French cooking. I did that in my spare time in 2020.

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