New and Unread Topics

On the free side, when I read a topic at the bottom of the unread posts there is a bar with the label “New and Unread Topics” with a short list of same*. On the Premium site, it used to be there, but has recently disappeared. Is there something I can do to make it come back?

*It seems to me that it would be sensible, given the priorities elsewhere, that if I am reading a post on Saul’s board that these topics should begin with remaining unread from Saul’s board followed by new from Saul’s board, so that I can read everything from Saul’s board before moving on to something else.

Sorry I can’t help with that as I don’t understand what you are seeing on the free side. Remember you can do a screen copy, edit it down to just what you want to show, and past the image (not too big) here. I run Windows, so I use the PrtScn button on my fancy keyboard, then use (free) IrfanView to edit it down to what I want to show, including (example below) resampling to 60% as large.

The way I deal with all of it is based on what appears on the left under Categories. For Saul’s board I have two lines in a row there; Investment Analysis Clubs followed immediately by Saul’s Investing Discussions. Saul’s is a sub-heading within clubs. I do not click on Saul, on the left, but on Clubs. Then within the list of messages that appear I click on Saul’s Investing Discussions as it appears within a message in the list. THAT gets me what I want, which is Latest (rather than New or Unread). Everything I want to see is shown, and my browser knows which I’ve seen and which I have not.

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I’ll see what’s going on…something probably broke the theme. We didn’t intentionally do anything to remove it (although you may be the only one who has asked for it - most folks complain about it :grinning:)


Here’s what I see on the Premium site

The developers have it in their queue to investigate. There is definitely something messed up there. (I don’t recall changing a setting on that section, but I might have accidentally done so)

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It’s been fixed - you should see stuff at the bottom of topics now.

Thanks … yes, it is back to normal now.

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