How can I get to Saul's investing board on the new platform?

How can I get to Saul’s investing board on the new platform?

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Here is the link:


Hi @sizzler,

There is a link in the Investment Analysis Clubs section on the Home page or just try typing Saul in the search in the upper right corner.

Here’s a direct link though:


what a mess - totally confusing!


How do we add it to the side-bar? I found the category but that only shows about 4 topics. There is no tag. I wish there was a “follow” button


How do I make Saul’s Investment discussions a favorite so I don’t have to search for it every time I want to read it?


Hi BetterFool

I cheated and added it to your sidebar for you - look to the left and you should see it. Anytime there is new activity, you’ll see a blue link with a number next to it pop up next to Saul’s Investing Discussions there.

If you want to add more categories or tags to your sidebar, just click the pencil to the right of Categories or Tags and then add them in the interface section:

If it was one of your Favorite Boards on the old system you don’t have to do much. Left side of the screen, under Community, click on Tracked. (If you don’t see it there click on Community.) That will give you new messages for all your old Favorite boards, wherever they ended up on the new side.

Thank you for the help. I find these new changes very confusing and discouraging. before I got your response I called the company and got someone who had no idea how to navigate the new board system.

If I go to the Premium Boards for some stock-specific reading, how do I get back to Saul’s Board?

It is by far the most valuable MF resource for me, although I do track some of the premium boards. But if reading those boards makes it difficult to find or get to Saul, I will probably not bother with the Premium ones.


Hi - the toggle link back and forth has been added in the upper right (next to your icon). It’s either Switch to Premium or Switch to Free.

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Yes, thank you for getting that done this week.