New fire suppression technology--it seems to work. $1099 each

Top link is to an actual demonstration in the UK. Sold in the US also.

Pull pin, toss it into the fire or nearby, and it does the rest. Really fast.

Used in a real fire in Wisconsin this week. Saved the dogs.

One per floor for condo/apt complexes seems reasonable, IMO. Really cheap “just in case” insurance when there is a potentially serious fire. $1099 each is not bad, IMO.


Uhm, cooooooooool.

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I couldn’t find what suppressant is being used. Does anyone know?

I didn’t understand how it actually puts out the fire as it does not deprive it of oxygen. My limited research seems to indicate it ‘prevents oxidation’ on a molecular basis. I’d be interested in more details.


@PucksFool the suppressant is EPA Halon Alternatives SNAP list Powdered Aerosol A. It’s on this list.

This paper describes it without listing the specific chemical ingredients in the formulation (which I would like to see myself). Powdered Aerosol A (SFE) is a new type of chemical extinguishing agent
consisting of extremely small solid particles ( 5 l p ] that are created in a
chemical oxidation reduction reaction, and released in the aerosol form.
This highly efficient aerosol contains upto 40% solid particles and 60%
gaseous molecules, has the flow characteristics of gas, and being lighter
than air, is persistent and suspended in the air for long periods of time.
Because of the high volume expansion and small particle size the SFE aerosol
achieves superior extinguishing power, approximately 3 times that of Halon
(on a weight ratio). Aerosol suppressants are generated by deflagration (very rapid heating) of a combination of a solid precursor, oxidizer, reducer, and binder commercially known as SFE (Spectrex Eire Extinguishent).

This appears to be a proprietary mixture since I couldn’t find the recipe. But it’s clearly a mixture of at least two chemicals which are separated at first but, when mixed on activation of the device, react with each other almost explosively to create a very fine mixture of solid particles and mist.

This is more sophisticated than the old single-agent fire-suppressant methods. It’s expensive. I have several fire extinguishers in various areas of my property so it wouldn’t be practical to replace them all. But I’m sure this is a legitimate product. If I had a critical high-risk area (e.g. a commercial kitchen) I would consider buying one.


SFE Powdered Aerosol technology

The NEW GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tool v4 is based on the environment friendly SFE Powdered Aerosol technology, listed on the EPA Halon Alternatives SNAP list as Powdered Aerosol A, designed for total flood fire suppression applications.

Google SFE Powdered Aerosol technology

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