New Fool Homepage - please change it back

Hey Fools,

I hope you are well.

What happened to your old, vibrant landing page? I find your new home page design bland and visually unappealing. Does not inspire use or the desire to return - way too much text, totally disengaging.

Hope you choose to revert to the old look.

Fool on!



TMF has a home page? Well, I’ll be darned.



Too much text? What would you prefer to see, more images of wholesome investing? :slight_smile:

It’s ironic, because I always like to see more well-organized content readily available on a landing page, not less.

Seriously, though, if you have specific complaints about the current page or specific elements you miss from the old page, let me know and I’ll pass your thoughts on to the experience design team.

Whose personal thinking is that the link to the Premium Community takes up too much vertical space, but he recognizes you may not even see that if your not a Premium Fool…

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I scrolled the page, looking for a link to the free TMF, which is where i spend my :black_joker: time.
And, there it is, all the way down at the very bottom.
2 clicks and I was at the “Favorite and Replies” link.

Easy peasy.

Personally, the brief scroll… I liked the simplicity.

I give it :+1::+1: