New Tesla Model 3 unveiled in China with 12% price increase

… and a rear seat flat screen for the kids.

Meanwhile US price cuts continue with a $41,000 price cut on the Model X SUV vs. the Jan 1st price of $120,990. That’s still not enough to get me to accept those gull wing rear doors. Also interesting that the $79,990 price now qualifies for the $7,500 tax credit.



It’s silly to compare today’s prices to the prices at the height of the shortages.

Now that the supply chain is mostly back to normal, Tesla has reduced the price of the Model X to somewhat lower than when the refresh model was introduced in 2021 at $90,000. No doubt it’s a great price, especially if you get no options at all and keep it eligible for the tax rebate. In fact, with the rebate it costs less than the cheapest Model S!

The Model S refresh in 2021 was $79,990 and is now $74,990, but not eligible for the tax rebate.

The real “bargain”, although not eligible for the tax rebate, is the Model X Plaid version at $89,990. It’s the 6-seater version, so the basic Model X as a 6-seater costs $86,490 (so not eligible for the tax rebate), only $3,500 less. That’s one hell of an upgrade for $3500.

But there’s still those falcon wing doors (not “gull wing”, quite different).

It’s still absurd, in my opinion, to spend that kind of money on a car, but people seem to do it.


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