New to the board - High Growth Portfolio

Hello everyone.

I really enjoy reading all the posts and discussions!

I want to thank Saul for the excellent knowledge and information. I have read through the knowledgebase and it is so great and helpful! Thank you as well to everyone else in advance. The board is very inspiring!

I am new to investing in individual stocks. I love TMF and high growth investing. This is the place I want to be! The stocks and discussions on this board are what I like best.

I am putting together my portfolio now. I want to keep it to 5 or 6 stocks to seek the highest alpha I can get! ( But perhaps a few more could be good as well)

The names I like are NTNX, WIX, TWLO, NEWR. I also like AMZN, PYPL, SQ, and SHOP.

( Choosing between SHOP, PYPL, SQ is interesting. There are so many discussions about these 3. Not that I only have to choose 1 )

I know there are other great new high growth names such as AYX, MDB, FIVN, PAYC.

I would love to know thoughts on what would be the best names to start a concentrated high growth portfolio today.

Thank you so much! I look forward to future discussions.



Hi Jesse,

I want to wish you good luck on the beginning of your investing journey.
It is worth noting that it is very difficult to give someone else portfolio advice when they are starting out, as many variables are involved.

What is your age, risk tolerance, investment timeline, starting capital, etc…
All are important to consider when starting a portfolio.

As for picking individual stocks, I recommend picking stocks that you truly believe are great companies that are disruptive and demonstrate explosive growth potential.

The discussions held here are vastly helpful in leading you towards particular stocks, but at the end of the day, it should be your choice. Do your research and pick companies that have great fundamentals and even greater potential.

Many of the stocks you have mentioned have just that.

I must admit I am far from the most qualified person to be giving advice, but I thought I would just add my two cents, from one novice investor to the another.

Again, best of luck to you.




Thank you for your reply!

  • I am 40 years old.

  • I have $50,000 to start.

  • I have a higher risk tolerance

  • I plan to work still for many years. I enjoy what I do for a living!

  • I am interested for the long term. TMF philosophy!

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One suggestion might be to start with the nice concise summaries that Saul puts in his monthly results post, which includes many of the companies you are interested in. The latest is here:…

that will at least help you narrow down your list a bit and decide which ones you want to research some more and eventually invest in.

Steppenwulf, Tinker, Bear (PaulWBryant) and many others on this board have provided lots of great posts to read up on further. In particular, Steppenwulf’s posts on PVTL and MDB have been fantastic, given his industry experience.



Thank you for all the suggestions!!

Jesse - just so you know - we don’t talk about dollar amounts as far as how much we have or how much we buy. We just say things like this: “X percent of my portfolio is in stock Y.”