New toy

So we all know the joys of a battery operated tool versus one that’s connected to the wall via wire (and the downsides too), right?

My newest, and which I recommend, is a shop vac. Ryobi has one, $79 not including battery, that has become my new favorite tool. It’s light but still has good suction, the 4aHr battery lasts a very long time, and when I need it in one corner or another of the shop I just roll (or carry, it has a nice handle) it there and hit the start switch.

No unplugging, coiling the wire, moving, uncoiling the wire and plugging it in. It just goes. Worth it. House brand at Home Depot, I think, but there are probably other brands too. Comes with the accessories you’d expect.


Hmm, maybe this one?

I’ve several One+ tools kicking’ around, but also various vacs, but it seems a good price. My garage door opener wasn’t available in the local stores, but these folks had it!