Now this is nutz

Home Depot has a walk behind electric mower, now for the low low price of $2,000.

I bought a Ryobi from them a couple years ago, customer return, cost me 1/10th as much. Who pays 2-large for a push mower?


You don’t have to push very hard, it is self propelled. :sunglasses:

I looked it up on the Ryobi site. My favorite line, after they brag about 90 minute run time and handling up to an acre is this: When the job is complete, easy lift bag removal makes emptying grass clippings quick and convenient… The idea that you can wait until the job is complete before emptying the bag got me laughing. (Yes, I am really critical when it comes to such things.)

That is a 30". The 21" is $800.


Interesting. I’d pay 2+ large for an electric mower -if it was self-propelled walk behind with a dual mulching deck (33-36") and caster front wheels - like my 30 year old Troy-bilt (gas). And I had 30 more years of mowing ahead of me (I don’t.)

Don’t know. I would pay that much this quarter in HOA fees to not mow at all.