New trend: WFPD

Work From Police Department.
Do not use gas frivolously.

The story is reported in various outlets. I chose this web page cause … muscle cars. LOLOLOLOL.
Cops, Highway Patrol, Sherriffs, Constables, etc around Central Texas do NOT drive “economy”. They are Cameros, Crown Vics, Ford Explorers, etc.

Michigan State Police Are Now Unable To Respond To Every Call
June 10, 2022.…

The notice was posted on FB.
“Deputies will continue to provide patrols to all areas of the county, they will respond to those calls that need to be managed in person,” Sheriff Michael Main said. “Any call that is in progress with active suspects will involve a response by the deputies. I want to assure the community that safety is our primary goal, and we will continue to respond to those types of calls.”


At the moment, the Michigan State Police fleet largely consists of V8 Dodge Charger sedans, EcoBoost V6-powered Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUVs, and Chevrolet Tahoe PPV SUVs. Electric vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach-E have been evaluated for police duty, but aren’t quite up to the task in comparison to more traditional vehicles.

Instead of “range anxiety” perhaps they have “image anxiety”?