shop and aapl

Just been going over the earnings call on aapl and noticed what we already surmised…here is a snippet…

Not sure what one can read into this but since I own both Companies, its all good…

"We had an all-time record quarter for the App Store with our best holiday season ever. We’re seeing great excitement around augmented reality with customers now enjoying over 2,000 ARKit enabled app, spanning every category in the App Store. In December, when Pokémon GO released its new augmented reality features built with ARKit, it jumped the top of the App Store charts. Last week, on a stop in Toronto, I met developers who are hard at work on creative applications using ARKit from art appreciation to ecommerce, and I was very impressed with what I saw.

Just for months after ARKit launched to the public, we’ve already released ARKit 1.5 in beta to developers around the world, and the response has been tremendous. Augmented reality is going to revolutionize many of the experiences we have with mobile devices. And with ARKit, we’re giving developers the most advanced tools on the market to create apps for the most advanced operating system running on the most advanced hardware. This is something only Apple can do."


Apple also said that after the recent tax reform it essentially plans to reduce it’s net cash position to zero. I can only imagine in the long run that means larger acquisitions than have been the norm for the company.

I am not saying Apple will buy Shopify, nor would it really matter if I did say that. But for the record, I’m not.


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Here is SHOPs AR work with eCommerce. Check out the videos as well. It’s very impressive and easy to see how this kind of service would be of interest to eCommerce companies on the SHOP platform.


The video is amazing. Thanks for sharing, JAFbrblev!


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