Biden administration cancels Twin Metals’ leases to mine near BWCA…
The Biden administration has canceled two federal mineral leases held by Twin Metals Minnesota, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the company’s bid to build an underground mine for copper, nickel and precious metals [cobalt and platinum]…



“The Biden administration has canceled two federal mineral leases held by Twin Metals Minnesota, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the company’s bid to build an underground mine for copper, nickel and precious metals [cobalt and platinum]…”

This would be an UNDERGROUND mine.

Guess he’d rather we buy Cobalt from the Congo where minor children are forced to work in the mines for a few pennies a day. Heck, the Chinese could care less, and the US EV producers will buy all the cells that China builds, ship them here to ‘battery factories’ that just assemble the Chinese cells into battery packs to fit in their cars……

No sense being ‘strategic metals’ independent. Use foreign sources and please the greenie part of his party - the progressives… Who needs good high paying jobs in the US?

What Li mine permit will be canceled next?



The Department of the Interior took the action after determining that the leases were improperly renewed by the Trump administration in 2019.

“The Department of the Interior takes seriously our obligations to steward public lands and waters on behalf of all Americans. We must be consistent in how we apply lease terms to ensure that no lessee receives special treatment,” said Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in a statement.

“After a careful legal review, we found the leases were improperly renewed in violation of applicable statutes and regulations, and we are taking action to cancel them.”…




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They don’t want a flood of cases of “windmill cancer”?



Maybe. Of course, there’s also significant local resistance in Germany.


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I read this as … “the honchos at the firm contributed primarily to GOP candidates rather than Democrat candidates”. That’s how politics works very often. :rofl:


No it is a larger wetlands and lake(s). The entire area would be destroyed by these projects. It is not lets just do this one mine. The entire area is up for small mines all over it. That in tandem makes processing of the metals part these projects as economical. The entire thing would destroy the wetlands and lake(s).

The article does not say there are no other deposits of these metals in the US. Obviously there are. The proponents of this mining do not get honest for a moment about that and are politicizing it.


Environmentalists warn that state-endangered and -threatened grassland birds could be evicted from the New York-designated birding trail if 750 acres of solar panels are installed atop their winter habitat.

Grassland Bird Trust is fighting to reduce the footprint of a 100-megawatt network of solar arrays in Fort Edward and Argyle proposed by Boralex, a Quebec-based renewable energy company. As currently proposed, the Boralex panels will be placed in fields, some of which are deemed critical to the survival of short-eared owls, northern harriers and snowy owls as well as other grassland birds.


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Ecological challenges represent another headwind for offshore wind. Although conservationists argue that building more emission-free renewable power is critical to combat climate change and bolster dwindling ocean species threatened by warming oceans, the short-term impacts on marine life can be significant.

Marine scientists have warned that projects along the New England coast could imperil endangered North Atlantic right whales. And in August, the New England Fishery Management Council identified Atlantic waters already leased for offshore wind development as a “habitat area of particular concern,” a designation that encourages the government take a more stringent and cautious approach to permitting.


It hurts to get hammered by your friends. And that’s what’s happening to Newsom. More than 100 environmental groups — including the Sierra Club of California and The Environmental Defense Center — are joining togetherto fight a package Newsom designed to make it easier to build infrastructure in California…

California has become notorious not for what it builds, but for what it fails to build. And Newsom knows it. “I watched as a mayor and then a lieutenant governor and now governor as years became decades on high-speed rail”…

The Biden administration is…making states compete for federal grants, and one way it’s judging them is on whether the state has made it easy to build. That has become an issue for California.


Newsome is right. And IMO that is true in general in this country. It is too hard and too expensive to build stuff. There are some good reasons for that, but it is really time to rethink the process.

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Had a short quiet argument with a young woman in work about a month ago. She wants a new utopia. I mentioned factories coming back to America. She hates the idea.

We talked a week later and she got it. She is not against it. She is young and not following the nuts and bolts of policy.

The problem for the liberals is we need factories to afford an environmental clean up. The environmentalists are dead set against more factories. The IRA, the Inflation Reduction Act is titled to give cover to a factory build out. The kids who are oversold on the environment at all costs do not know this.

Plus the buildout is predicated on cleaner energy and deflationary energy policies.

The reason the conservatives are not arguing with the debt ceiling and the IRA is the need for a factory build out. Yes some fringes are arguing very vocally but most conservatives are not putting up an argument.

Newsom is just the man to win this battle among the liberals. Plus pick up the independents and many conservatives businesspeople.

The IRA and other acts are win/win for this nation. The opposition does not know what is going on at all. I give both sides of the aisle plenty of credit for finally getting things underway. It does not matter what the headlines are from the extreme voices.

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Agreed. The difficulty is stopping good projects as well as bad ones.

Activists and environmental groups including the Sierra Club sued Puerto Rico’s government Monday over the planned location of dozens of renewable energy projects meant to ease the U.S. territory’s power woes.

The lawsuit claims the projects would be built on lands that are ecologically sensitive and of high agricultural value, a violation of local laws.


In her role as the head of the Preservation Society of Newport County, Coxe announced that her organization has filed a massive federal lawsuit to block the construction of an offshore wind project off the coast of Rhode Island…

According to NPS, “The appeals detail how the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) failed to comply with the heightened levels of review required under the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. BOEM improperly approved wind farms that will damage historic resources within the City of Newport, which is heavily dependent on heritage tourism. Federal law makes clear that the ‘viewsheds’ of historic resources are as important as bricks and mortar. These appeals seek to preserve historic and pristine views from industrial-scale development.”


Judge orders removal of wind farm opposed by Osage Nation.
judge has ordered the removal of a wind farm in Osage County and set a trial for damages in a win for the Osage Nation and its Mineral Council, which, along with the federal government, have been fighting the construction of the turbines for more than 10 years.

U.S. Court of International Trade Judge Jennifer Choe-Groves, sitting by designation, issued the ruling Wednesday in Tulsa federal court against Osage Wind LLC, Enel Kansas LLC and Enel Green Power North America Inc.

The ruling grants the United States and the Osage Nation through its Minerals Council permanent injunctive relief via “ejectment of the wind turbine farm for continuing trespass.”



david fb

From Australia…

In far north Queensland, traditional owners, clean energy developers and conservationists had spent three long years sweating on this decision. Depending on which side you believed, this development would either supply 150,000 homes with clean, green energy or destroy the forest habitat of threatened native species. Late on Friday, the wait was finally over…the proposed project was dead…

A record 130 renewable energy projects are currently being assessed under the federal regime…A new report from the CEIG and law firm Herbert Smith Freehills has identified assessments under the EPBC Act as the “single biggest challenge for delivering renewable energy projects” in Australia…

With time and cost pressures rising, renewable companies are increasingly seeking out uncleared land for potential new developments because of pushback from farmers andregional communities who won’t want wind, solar and transmission projects on their land.


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Projects must undergo environmental review pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The BLM currently has 66 proposed renewable energy projects , approximately 32 gigawatts, under review, including: 29 proposals which are in various stages of preliminary review.

Active Renewable Projects | Bureau of Land Management.

The NV geothermal project might be the largest project. Decided later this year.