China's Global Reach Faces Nationalism in Co

This is something the US knows about as nations take back control of their destiny. We lamely called it nationalism.

We practice it in spades here.…

NYT Snippet:

By Eric Lipton and Dionne Searcey
Feb. 28, 2022
A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has sidelined the Chinese owner of one of the world’s largest copper and cobalt mines, a major victory for the Congolese government as it seeks to become a bigger player in the global clean energy revolution.

The ruling, which removes Chinese leadership of the mine for at least six months, stems from a dispute over billions of dollars in payments the Congolese government says it is owed by the Chinese owner, China Molybdenum.

The mine was bought in 2016 from an Arizona mining company. I think you know who.