NKTR clinical data coming 3/1/19

NKTR recently (on 2/15/2019) had an update on the progress of the the urothelial cancer trials. The event was archived and can be found here:


The same link will take you to the page for hearing the earnings call on Thursday.

In addition, the company announced today that on Friday the company will provide a call from ASCO-SITC to update investors on the clinical trial progress. It will be very interesting to see the results of the combo NKTR-214 + NKTR-262. The above link will also provide details on how to listen in on the call from ASCO.

All three are worth listening to if you are an investor or prospective investor. NKTR’s performance as a business and its performance as a stock will demand on the outcome of clinical trials much more than the performance of financial measures. In fact, near term financial measures usually don’t matter as much as they do for other companies.

I still own shares of NKTR, but it remains the smallest holding of my 9 positions. My allocation to NKTR is 1.9%. It seems that my portfolio value fluctuates more than 1.9% on many days so NKTR is really small. I keep it small because I consider it speculative. I do think NKTR-214 has a high chance of becoming a blockbuster but it all depends on how well NKTR-214 does in the many trials that are underway; in addition, the company’s success will also depend on the relative safety and efficacy of NKTR-214 compared to alternative treatments.