NKTR Post Results

NKTR is up about 15% following yesterday’s quarterly call. Quick Summary:

Not counting the announced (Feb 14) one time partnership pay out from BMY of $1.85 Billion (NKTR 214), NKTR’s TTM rev for 2017 was $119 million compared to $69.1 million for 2016.

Loss per share $.21 for Q4 2017 compared to $.28 for Q4 2016.
Loss per share 2017 $96 mil. compared to $163 million for 2016.

Also announced successful completion of Phase 3 on NKTR 181 (pain med) with Q2 FDA filing.

FYI - NKTR up Over 300% since entering my position in Nov 2017; However, trimmed my original starting position when it reached my original target price of $88 in Feb 18.


I saw those amazing results and also saw the price was up only about 5% AH, but was busy at work so didn’t have time to dig. Thought about adding to my 3% position but figured guidance must be low for the price rise to be so small. Oops. :slight_smile:

Hi Utah, Necktar (NKTR) was up 20% on Friday not 5%

For the first half hour in after hours trading it was only up 5%!