What is Down with NKTR?

Was going to say what is up with NKTR, but that seemed not appropriate these days.

I know a peer drug failed in a drug combo study. Is there something really out there with NKTR these days, or is it just the market re-assessed the risks and the early stage of the company and is putting a more appropriate risk factor into it?



Might be insider selling I saw.

When they report financial results on the 10th we should have more clarity, less guessing.

long NKTR


I have no idea why it’s down. I couldn’t find anything material in a search. I did buy a little more at $76 on Friday. I had sold some at $106 a while back to buy something that was on the cheap, NVDA I think. I never thought I’d get a chance to add in the 70’s again so I thought getting my position back to around 5% or so at that level was a great deal.

Nothing material from a medical perspective has occurred since last ER. The pipeline remains the same and we should get news on 181 in the next few months regarding FDA approval (supposed to submit for that this quarter). All of the big news headlines of the last few weeks are irrelevant to NKTR.