NKTR puts

I wrote weekly puts for June 15 at strike of 55. Got $3.70 per put. Break even is $51.30 if I get put. It was a tough choice, I wanted to own more stock, but there is still uncertainty that needs to run off, so this gives me the opportunity to get it lower (or miss out completely).



Apologies in advance for continuing this NKTR options-related theme, but I noted this thread on the Stock Advisor options board, that used this board as considerable input for most of those who have started NKTR positions of various sorts. It at least seems worthy of a link from here (for any Stock Advisor members).


I think I saw jpcIV’s post linked a few times on StockTwits yesterday. I see that the Rec. I just gave it put it up to its 115th recommendation.
Thread with direct link to jpcIV’s post:

I added “a third” of NKTR shares yesterday, but didn’t do anything options-wise (but considered doing so a bit). With NTNX being down today, as opposed to most of my positions, I may go for some additional NTNX call options.

long NKTR; long NTNX