No-one wanna work, even on Sunday

Decided to head over to a small museum I had not visited since before the plague today. There are a Wendy’s and a Tim’s directly on the way to/from the museum, that, during the week, had closed their dining room. I figured maybe they can get some high schooler to at least work on weekends.

On the outbound leg, stopped at the Wendy’s. Tugged on the door. Locked. On the way back, pulled in to the Tim’s. Tim’s had a sign on the door that the dining room was closed.

Ended up at a BK for lunch. Tugged on the door. It opened! Three staff in the place. Some sort of argument broke out, and the guy who was making the sandwiches walked out for a few minutes. When he came back, he said something to the effect that, if he’s treated like that again, he is gone and not coming back. This was an older guy, plenty of grey hairs. My suspicion is he has a long record as a “difficult” employee, or has been laid off from far better jobs and has a short fuse from being reduced to building burgers.

Remember the adverts about BK “flame grilled” burgers? Those patties might see a flame in a factory somewhere. There was no grill in that BK. The patties were kept in warming trays.

Had to laff at the BK’s sign “hiring salaried managers”. Yeah, right, “salaried”, meaning you make almost decent money, for the first 40 hrs/wk, then the next 40 hours are worked for free, for the greater benefit of the “JC”.



Our fast food spots all seem open, but last week my favorite Italian Delli/Sandwich shop had to close his doors. He’d made it through all the bad times, but came up against no help! I haven’t been in, maybe he convinced a couple old timers to come on back, but good to see he reopened… Much longer and he’d have to toss a lot of supplies out. Already had trouble getting some of the basics, lettuce, poor quality, and super costly…

Anyway, survival is great! His parents are still alive, started the original shop, he’s trying to keep it going…

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This “no one wanna work” chorus is getting old.

My take is the problem is that Detroit is a dying city. It’s not that no one wants to work. It’s that no one is left TO work.



If people are leaving, I wish they would hurry up about it. The traffic around here drives me buggy, and I am in the far west burbs. :slight_smile:



Do you have any strong ties to the area? Maybe you might consider moving … to somewhere where there are more people in your age range to socialize with and more places open for lunch regularly!

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I had planned on relocating when I retired. But, once retired, I was able to enjoy all the things this area offers. Car shows at the Gilmore museum (near Kalamazoo) almost every weekend during the summer. Air museum in Kalamazoo. Celtic fair in Saline. Renfair in Holly. Events and baseball games at Greenfield Village. Interesting museum in South Bend. Three interesting museums in Auburn, Indiana. Interesting museums in Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Only time this area zuks is in the winter. In the summer, there is something interesting going on almost every weekend. Sometimes, two or three interesting things to choose from in a single weekend.

Moving to Kalamazoo would make the drives to the Gilmore, South Bend, Auburn, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon, shorter, but Kalamazoo has one of the worst violent crime rates in the state.


I dunno what to say Steve. Maybe you should just get used to living in an area with limited fast food options.