Non "SAAS"

Hello all on this fantastic board. I have been thinking about my 4 non Saul stocks and there results below:



Sorry I hit the wrong button, I want to bring these to the board as they are the only companies I own that are not Saul companies, and they might be interesting given their performance and potential to diversify from the SAAS Big Data trend.

VEEV Bought on 3-16-17 up 113% Medical Field huge growth with customers run by ex Salesforce executive.

TTD Bought on 5-30-17 up 169% Huge tailwind in Programmatic Advertising changing the way Advertising is bought.

TDOC Bought on 12-13-17 up 126% Making doctor visits easy…this field is so ripe for this disruption.

AAXN Bought on 5-2-18 up 61% in a few months. They sell both Hardware (Tasers) and Software, and they have a virtual monopoly.

While I love Saul stocks, I can’t let go of these yet, as I continue to trim to a less than 15 holdings portfolio. I would be interested to know if any of you have brought these companies to this board, and what you all think.




Those are all winning companies that are pioneers and dominant in their field. No sense dumping winners with those characteristics. We once held VeeV on this board to great success. I sold anyways to move into faster growing stocks. The trade off was worthwhile for me, but why sell off a company like VeeV that continues to dominate and produce consistent returns unless you think you might want to find something that grows faster. There is no reason.

Those are all great holds until something might change to make them not so. Presently I cannot see a reason to sell any of those.



I concur with Tinker

To me, AAXN is a subscription company, with high switching costs.

What AAXN has done is lock in departments not through gadgets, but by solving by focusing on the paperwork and legal side of police work (evidence collection, evidence storage, reporting and record collection)

This is good, but it’s further complimented by long term contracts (generally five years) that serve as deep beachheads, and build themselves into predictable annual budgets for operating expenses over a length of time that surpasses political barriers to sales cycles at the local level (local elections often influence these types of sales)

I’m bullish on their expansion strategies as well, and until I see numbers changing that view, I’d hold for long term growth.

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Isn’t Veeva a SaaS stock?