North Stream pipeline explosion culprits still at large

… officially. But the plot just thickened as part of the new, never-allowed to go active NS2 miraculously escaped the attack:

Nord Stream 1 reported a significant pressure drop on both of its lines, presumed to be caused by ruptures, while Nord Stream 2 reported a similar sharp pressure drop in its ‘A’ line.

Gazprom said Nord Stream 2’s ‘B’ line could still export gas to Europe, if a decision were made to start deliveries.

Nord Stream 1 had been fully functional before Russia reduced and then stopped gas flows over the past six months, citing non-payment in Russian roubles and technical problems.

But the recently completed Nord Stream 2 has never come online, since Germany, where it makes landfall, froze the authorisation process as Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine.

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Sweden has announced underwater investigation of the damage. You wonder what they will learn. Type of explosive? Military? Commercial? Fertilizer bomb? Any electronics associated with the incident? Origin? Manufacture? Clues?

Will it ever be public? Will we learn who did it?

Meanwhile, we realize Europe is an island when to comes to energy. Supplies that cross the seas–North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean, etc are vulnerable and can be shut down at any time. Ditto communications by fiber optics. A vulnerability of the economies of Europe.

Do we think it was undersea drones? Programable to attack any target. Do they leave residues for study? Imagine World War III at sea!!!