Norway Jan '22: EVs Were 84% of Sales

InsideEVs headline: Norway: Porsche Taycan Outsold All Gas Cars Combined Last Month

Subheadline: This is in the country where 19 out of the 20 best selling vehicles were electric last month.…

According to the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), out of a total of 7,957 vehicles sold in the country last month, just 387 of them had either a diesel or a gasoline engine, and of those just 175 units came with a gasoline-burning mill. It is worth noting that the overall monthly sales figure is unusually low, even for a small country like Norway - it’s almost 2,400 vehicles less compared to January, 2021.

Almost 84 percent of all new cars sold in Norway last month (6,659 units) were completely electric. And out of the 20 most popular vehicles, all but one was electric, the Toyota RAV4 (with 271 registrations). This is not only a new all-time record for the nation, but it also marks a 53 percent increase compared to the same month last year.

The overall bestselling vehicle in Norway last month was the Audi Q4 E-Tron with 643 examples delivered. Next up was the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (477 units delivered), followed by the BMW iX (444 units delivered). Interestingly, the relatively affordable VW ID.3 only managed to sell 125 units, a very low number even compared to the ID.4 and Skoda Enyaq (each with the same 389 units delivered).

I do find this hard to believe.

According to this graph, Tesla’s 4 cars (S,3, X, Y) only eked out .70% (7/10ths of 1 percent) market share in Jan 2022 in Norway.

That doesn’t seem right, but, according to this graph, Tesla as a brand was 25th in sales in Norway during January, 2022:

I just looked at the $TSLA charts here. No breakdown. Closer to a breakout: