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Net revenues were $40.2 million, an increase of 215%;

Product seems to be have rapidly increasing customer demand and availability at the retail level. Also rapid expansion of production facilities.

Don’t know much about the analysis part of things.

Product seems to be have rapidly increasing customer demand and availability at the retail level. Also rapid expansion of production facilities.

I think their growth thus far is for the availability at the customer level. That is to say the contracts to provide burger chains with their products.

I think their current price assumes that cusomer demand will be there as well, but that remains to be seen. I really kind of doubt it, but time will tell.

I have shorted BYND in my caps portfolio.

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I used to think of Bynd being in a commodity market until I listened to an interview with the CEO. He acknowledged that the Beyond burger at this time is a poor imitation of ground beef. There is actually supposed to be an updated version available soon if not already. The r&d to do what they want to do would give them years of product differentiation, if they can keep ahead of the competition.

Impossible Burger seems to be their only real competition at this point and they are taking a weird turn, going after the plant based fish market, which seems like it would be a more niche product line to me.

There are several categories of people who would want plant based meat, and let’s not argue if they are right or wrong to want to be customers of plant based near but acknowledge that there are people who would want such a product. Here is a poll that suggests other populous countries are actually more open to the idea of plant based meat.…

In a typical market where we talk about $30 billion TAM industries, meat is over $1 trillion, and growing. Meaning Beyond could hit $1 billion in sales without batting an eye.

I would not be short beyond at this particular point in time.


Impossible Foods is way ahead of Beyond Foods in developing meat alternatives.

Try both products and you will see there is no comparison. The Impossible Burger is truly a meat alternative, and the Beyond Burger is nothing more then a pea based veggie burger colored to look sort of like meat.

If the guys at Impossible Foods are going to attempt to create an alternative to fish products and can pull it off it will be a very big move indeed. The oceans are being overfished and the price of fish keeps rising.

Beyond Foods did a very big consumer push pre IPO and I think their sales and growth was inflated by the big push. In my local Whole Foods I saw a very big promotional push a couple of months leading into the IPO. The products were placed in high traffic areas in their own freezers in the center of isles. Not they are back in the frozen case along with all the other meat alternative products.

I’d stay away from BYND. The competition is only going to get stronger and bigger and I see no moat at all for their products.


Don’t get me wrong - I’m no fan of the valuation and I certainly am not a vegetarian wanting a meat substitute, however…

I am seeing a lot of traction with Beyond over here in Singapore which strikes me as impressive and has demonstrated successful marketing techniques from enrolling high profile executive chefs to build innovative menus around to utilising venue marketing methods along the tripadvisor approach (stickers in windows/doors advertising Beyond Meat inside) through to taking over sections in the supermarket aisles.

I also believe Impossible is broader in application and better as a meat substitute than Beyond although frankly I haven’t seen either come as close to how innovative soya/beancurd is at replicating meat-like looks, textures and flavours.

I also don’t like the idea of heavily processed oils and the massive amounts of salt involved (versus meat).



That’s what bugs me about BYND - they’re succeeding in hyping a less-healthy product than most of the veggie burgers I like that I can buy for a lot less.

My cynical side says go long. My “want a better world” side says short it, because people will wise up. (This is kind of like having an angel sitting on one shoulder, and a devil sitting on the other, and they’re “advising” me.) My third, prudent side will probably win, which is saying to ignore it.

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I just learned that Beyond is not the only burger you can find at some fast food joints. You can also get an Impossible Whopper in some places.

I learned that from this odd news item about selling regular meat Whoppers as Impossible Whoppers:…

My third, prudent side will probably win, which is saying to ignore it.

Mine agrees! There are better stocks to chew on.

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