Now that a shutdown will occur

It is worth reviewing what does and what does not get paid during said shutdown.

(At this point, there is nothing Congress can do to avoid the shutdown. They have run out of time to avert it from happening)


While some government entities will be exempt — Social Security checks, for example, will still go out — other functions will be severely curtailed. Federal agencies will stop all actions deemed non-essential, and millions of federal employees, including members of the military, won’t receive paychecks.

passports could see delays.

Notably, funding for the three special counsels appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland would not be affected by a government shutdown because they are paid for through a permanent, indefinite appropriation, an area that’s been exempted from shutdowns in the past.


Well, if we’re going to stop paying salaries for all non-essential federal employees, at least we won’t have to pay anyone in Congress.


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The Captain

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Just like the $20m/year CEO on the golf course, I am sure the members of Congress regard themselves as “vital”, even though their congressional salary is peanuts compared to the “protected free speech” they rake in.



Actually, Members of Congress still get paid, but not their staff. A Member can deem their staff “essential workers” and force them to work unpaid.

Non-essential Gov’t workers get furloughed and sent home without pay.

Essential workers (police, air traffic controllers, etc) must still come to work, but don’t get paid.

It sounds like a “job creator’s” dream.



Another group that doens’t get paid is govenrment contractors. Back in the day I worked for a consulting firm that did a lot of work for the DoD. A shutdown caused severe financial damage to the company.


As I recall, after the last few shutdowns ended, everyone got paid their normal salaries. Even those who were told to not come in to their workplaces.

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Yes, for Gov’t employees. I’m not sure about Gov’t outside contract employees told to stay home.


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Forget what goes on in the original chart second down.

This first chart is not logarithmic.

Remember this chart is logarithmic.