NTNX continued


Hit submit too soon.

Looks like it is trading down after hours. Why? Because analysts didn’t guestimate accurately enough 4th quarter guidance.

revenue guesstimate: $289M vs actual guidance given $295-300M
loss per share guesstimate: 13 cents vs actual guidance given 20-22 cents

I still have not quite come to terms with how much analysts are off affecting market price vs actual performance affecting market price, but on surface it sure looks like Nutanix is firing on all cylinders. Will have to dig deeper, listen to the call or read transcript to see if there is anything else.



Hey Kevin !

This is why most of us (the old school Fools) don’t pay any attention to the analysts. They’re usually paid to slant one way or another … they mostly don’t get it right.

Rich (haywool)