Number of Likes allowed

I used up all my allowed likes.
Then, I liked another post. The number of likes for the post increased by one, and a pop up appeared telling me that id reached my limit.

So, i read another post, liked it, its number increased by one, the pop up appeared again… etc etc.



And, today, with my first “like”, I get the pop up “you’ve exceeded your limit”.
In other words, I’ve not exceeded my limit of “likes” for the day.
But, I’m getting the pop up.

This topic/thread is merely me giving TMF some info.



Just curious, do you think the number is too high or too low?

IIRC, the old boards had a rec limitation as well (at least at one time)

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I know I’m giving Likes to a lot of posts about how to use the new system, far more than for everything else. There is a good amount of such help going on.

@5761796E65 do you think the number is too high or too low?

IDK. I kinda like the Youtube model, with unlimited “thumbs up”, which makes them lower value.
The TMF model give them some value?

I don’t much care, one way or the the other.

@RHinCT yes. Me, too. I REALLY appreciate the folks (esp @ptheland ) who has so generously shared his knowledge.

The bold (above) isn’t really important. I am just doing it to learn the new “coding” vernacular. LOLOLOLOL

My addled history:

The number of “recs” was first limited to 10 or so a day. After protest it went to 30 and stayed there forever. But at the very beginning (that is, long after the boards existed, and then at some point when “recs” were invented) it was unlimited. However on the @Home board, where people had this newfangled thing called “broadband” while everyone else was listening to the snap-crackle-pop of the AOL sign on (and page refresh speeds to match) the @Home people were busily recommending every post, just because they could, and because it pished off the AOL cohort, who couldn’t. The “Best Of” list came to resemble Saul’s in a later age. All @Home All The Time.

So a limit was decreed, and it was that way evermore, even after everyone else got broadband. Facebook “thumbs up” are unlimited, Twitter’s function similarly infinite, but apparently the Fool hasn’t changed.

Goofy <<— amateur Fool historian


What I’d like to see changed here is to add the ‘thumb down’ option, as it is irritating to let some postings that need a negative hit slide by. I resist responding as the only option, but Muting that individual or posting seems a bit heavy handed… Need that negative option once in a while…


Well, while we’re in tne amateur historical section of the bookstore, I seem to remember that there was a “downvote” ‘or “dislike” button at one point in the early days, but it was removed because it hurt people’s feelings (?) or disincentivized people from posting, or something.

I don’t have a clear memory of it, I don’t think it lasted long (if at all).

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My added research:

The default limit is now 50 and raised to 75 for those who fulfill a set of criteria. But there’s more to it! For collectors there’s even a badge for giving likes:


As you can see, quite a few have reached this prestigious award. But there’s more!


Ahh, the higher love. Only rainphakir have succesfully claimed this prize. But there’s more!


Ohhh! Who will go down in the history books for claiming the grand prize? My bet is rainphakir. In fact, I’m long rainphakir, short everyone else. :wink:

Raylight <<-- contemporary Fool researcher

PS. Badges here

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I’m promiscuous.
Don’t judge me.


How do they get to 50 likes in a day? Are there even 50 posts a day to like?

–unsigned as he runs away

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He, he, he. Cool I love it. Very good observation.