NVDA shipping numbers released!

This is sheer domination in a sector by NVDA…doc

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Thanks, Physician. I think we all know this can’t go on forever, but enjoy it while we can.

Nvidia is clearly an industry leader. And works at keeping ahead of the competition.

I don’t follow Nvidia. It is typical for companies in this sector to report on production by tonnage? It seems odd, rather than reporting units as I am used to.

(I am reminded of the stories of Henry Ford who calculated his accounts payable by weighing the receipts rather than by adding up the amounts on the pages. That practice lasted for years and years until other, more diligent managers were brought in.)

The numbers didn’t come from a company report, but from some Analyst Firm.

And no, nobody reports that way, but when an analyst learns anything that can be turned into a headline…