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Here is another Nvidia AI use case NVIDIA Metropolis platform

Connection Inflection: Verizon Building Safer, Smarter Cities Using NVIDIA Metropolis

To help make cities safer, smarter and greener, they need to be connected. And few companies know more about connecting than Verizon.

It’s joined nearly 100 other companies already using NVIDIA Metropolis, our edge-to-cloud video platform for building smarter, faster deep learning-powered applications.

Verizon is a leading technology company with the nation’s most reliable network service. Its Smart Communities group has been busy working with cities to connect communities and set them up for the future, including attaching NVIDIA Jetson-powered smart camera arrays to street lights and other urban vantage points.

“LED street lighting delivers big savings in operating expenditures,” said David Tucker, head of product management in the Smart Communities Group at Verizon. “Rollout is happening fast across the globe and cities are expanding their lighting infrastructure to become a smart city platform that will enable them to link applications now and in the future, helping to create efficiency savings and a new variety of citizen services.”

The arrays — which Verizon calls video nodes — use Jetson’s deep learning prowess to analyze multiple streams of video data to look for ways to improve traffic flow, enhance pedestrian safety, optimize parking in urban areas, and more.

Beta tests using proprietary datasets and models generated from neural network training are wrapping up on both coasts. Details of its commercial release are expected soon from Verizon.


Two companies I own shares of that will likely play into this paradigm are Sierra Wireless and Skyworks Solutions. I think Skyworks has previously been a big holding of Saul’s about 2 years ago, from looking at old monthly summaries.

Some might view both as “hardware companies” and not be all that interested, but I won’t be surprised if both have pretty substantial revenue growth in coming years. Sierra would probably have more upside from its present $700-fish million market cap, whereas Skyworks should be more of a steady company (with remaining large customer risk with Apple as a big percentage of revenue).

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Amazon AWS has launched a program that supports some of this type of platform as well called Greengrass Machine Learning Inference. Train the system in the cloud and the Greengrass Console provides the network to local processing (accelerated with Nvidia Jetson) and connects with local IoT devices like cameras. The local hardware console can use the trained network to make inferences even while not connected to the cloud.

“For example, a traffic camera could count bicycles, vehicles, and pedestrians passing through an intersection and detect when traffic signals need to be adjusted in order to optimize traffic flows and keep people safe.”


Similar concept and hardware to the Metropolis platform just another way to do it. Very interesting watching this all play out. They will discover many ways to use this tech.

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