Alteryx - Interesting Press Release

Did anyone else see this:


Smart Cities is a whole new area for Alteryx. This one project won’t move the needle, but Smart Cities could be a medium/large additional field for them in the future.




With the integration of automobile sensors and 5g, smart cities will be able to do things like determine when ice is forming at an intersection and pre deploy emergency vehicles in that area.

It will be able to identify behaviors of drivers and pedestrians and change traffic control, and target propaganda.

Lots of cool stuff. Like identify a building fire and start rerouting traffic before the traffic jam starts.



Yes, I saw that and went to the ASU website to check it out. Interestingly, the primary partnership is with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is a summary of the what the Smart Cities Initiative is all about:

About the ASU CIC

The ASU Smart Cities CIC is a strategic relationship with AWS and is supported by AWS on ASU’s Innovation campus known as SkySong. The mission of the CIC is to drive Innovation Challenges that materially benefit the greater Phoenix metro area and beyond by solving pressing community and regional challenges using shareable and repeatable technology solutions from ideation through prototype as a service for the greater human good.

The CIC also provides real-world problem-solving experiences to students by immersing them in the application of proven innovation methods in combination with the latest technologies to solve important challenges in the public sector.

The challenges being addressed cover a wide variety of topics including homelessness, evidence-based policing, digital literacy, virtual cybersecurity laboratories, and many others. The CIC leverages the deep subject matter expertise of government, education, and non-profit organizations to clearly understand the customers affected by public-sector challenges and develops solutions that meet those customers’ needs.

For more information on the ASU CIC, to read about projects, or to submit a challenge, please visit

Here is a link to an early project funded by the Initiative focused on water conservation:…




Interesting to see how Crown Castle Inc., Smart Cities, and Alteryx interact.

Crown castle has been working with Arizona state and the Smart cities program for years in building out their networks.

Here is a link to the Smart Cities section on the Crown Castle website:

with some news from the top Smart cities.

A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.…

Also, in a couple of job descriptions for Crown Castle we find:

Position Summary

Crown Castle is growing our data & analytics team! We’re hiring an Analytics Engineer to augment our existing complement of data science, data engineering, and business intelligence talent. The Analytics Engineer will be a hybrid of these (DS/DE/BI) disciplines, providing front-end support to business partners consuming products of the Data &Analytics team.

Other Skills/Abilities
Experience with Tableau & Alteryx…

Position Summary

The Principal Architect’s role is to design, develop, and enhance systems, processes, reporting, and data analytics tools to support the small cell organization. This individual will work cross functionally to identify needs, design and deliver accessible solutions, evaluate best practices, and provide technical leadership on overall system architecture and design. The primary function of the Principal Architect is ensure that regional teams have the systems and tools required to design, build, and track small cell networks to the asset level.

Experience/Minimum Requirements

…Familiarity with data science tools such as Alteryx and Tableau preferred……

Interesting that Alteryx skills are becoming a job requirement. ;^) (wink)

Here is a recent article with a snip about Alteryx:

City of Tallahassee: en Route to Become a Smart City
Aug 15, 2019

Describe the benefits you have achieved
Before our Alteryx solution we had an average of 55 days of continuous consumption BEFORE the customer received a paper notification about the leakage! And now it’s on average about seven days between something starts happening and they get the email.…

So Ateryx is becoming an essential component of the Internet of Things and As Saul Sez, Smart Cities.
Just another piece in the community puzzle.

Best, kevin c