Nvidia's Jensen Huang on "Would he do it all over again?"

{{ Jensen Huang didn’t know that his startup would one day be worth $1 trillion. In fact, the only chief executive in

Nvidia’s NVDA 1.95%increase; green up pointing triangle

history didn’t know much of anything about what he was getting himself into.

But if he had known three decades ago what he knows today, he never would have founded one of the world’s most valuable companies.

“The reason for that is really quite simple,” Huang said recently. “Building Nvidia turned out to have been a million times harder than I expected.”

Everyone in Silicon Valley knows they have to be resilient. Huang knows it also helps to be ignorant.

“I think that’s kind of the superpower of an entrepreneur,” he said. “They don’t know how hard it is. And they only ask themselves: How hard can it be? To this day, I trick my brain into thinking: How hard can it be?” }}

That was my take. Once I figured out it that it was possible to retire at a young age from the “skim-free” return on an index fund, there really wasn’t much of a need to spend 60 to 80 hours per week doing something more difficult, with a much lower chance of success (like working uncompensated overtime on the bet it would increase your chance for promotion.)



In this holiday season, thinking like a kid,

  • I wish I had invested in Nvidia (NVDA) 12 years ago. And then invested in NVDA
    One year later
  • I wish I had invested in Nvidia (NVDA) 11 years ago. And then invested in more NVDA.
    One year later
  • I wish I had invested in Nvidia (NVDA) 10 years ago. And then invested in more NVDA.
    The wishing stops there.
    Suppose I had purchased $1000 in NVDA 10 years ago, That slice alone would be worth > $123K

I am sure Jensen Huang has made many NVDA employees and co-workers very wealthy. As a more recent NVDA investor (and occasional trader), Thanks Jensen Huang


Not to mention all the products his company has provided to the world. Thanks, Jensen Huang.



Excellent article. Makes clear that Nvidia came close to failure more than once.

Only the paranoid survive.