Semi-OT: Can Nvidia make it to $10K in 2 years?

Scenario sounds insane but if it were to happen my wife and I would be threatening to cross into 8 figures and moving on… Not counting on it for a variety of reasons. Are they just smoking ze crack?

  • How Nvidia’s Post-Split Stock Could Rise 10-Fold

In the year since Nvidia’s boffo May 2023 quarterly report, the company’s stock has risen 248%.

Nvidia stock — after splitting 10-for-1 early in June — could rise from $100 to $1,000 by 2026. This optimistic scenario assumes Nvidia keeps beating growth expectations and raising its forecasts — resulting in a 248% annual increase in the company’s stock price over the next two years.

Optimism is certainly justified, according to one analyst. “I say it’s the most important company in the world, as far as innovation,” Jim Roppel, founder of The Roppel Report, told Investor’s Business Daily.

“Nvidia has managed to leapfrog from one tech trend to another, beginning with video games, then moving to things like automotive applications and now generative AI,” he added.

Generative AI’s productivity benefits could crimp inflation — sustaining strong demand for Nvidia’s products. “The major innovation cycle is healthy and thriving,” he told IBD. “I really think this golden goose is ripping. The golden goose is working overtime here.”

Another analyst is less sanguine. Nvidia stock could drop unless it beats expectations by at least $1.5 billion in future quarters, Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland wrote in a May 20 client note, reported the Journal.

Another risk to investors? “Moves from competitors—including in-house chip efforts at its own largest customers,” the Journal noted.*


Everyone knows Nvidia is a wow. Someone always has to ask how long that will last.

Poor journalist had to write something to fill the space. The editor would not take another wow article.

Such drivel. Everyone knows it won’t go on forever. Enjoy it while you can.