NY State Atty Gen also reaches agreement w ZM

(I edited the below down. It was much longer in the original).

May 7, 2020 – NY State Attorney General reaches agreement with Zoom

New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced an agreement with Zoom that will provide security protections for more than 200 million users on the platform. New security measures are being put in place to support and protect consumers, students, schools, governments, religious institutions, and private companies using the application for work, education, prayer, and socializing.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, cities and states across the nation began quarantine and social distancing procedures that forced businesses and schools, as well as many social interactions to be moved online. Zoom had a sudden surge in both the volume and sensitivity of data being passed through its network, but the exponential increase in users also exposed security flaws and vulnerabilities in Zoom’s platform and software, and a lack of privacy protections. Attorney General James opened up an investigation into Zoom’s privacy and security practices in March culminating in today’s agreement.

Along with the New York City School district (probably the largest in the country) re-approving Zoom, this should give any other school district in the country cover to do the same. As well as lots of municipalities.