School districts start banning Zoom…

The bad news just keeps piling up for Zoom. I don’t see how any company can trust this company given all the security issues and lies to cover up the security issues.


I teach in a school district that has 90 schools and serves 50,000 students. As of now there has been no talk of moving away from Zoom. The use of waiting rooms, passwords and other security measures built within Zoom have been set to default and continues to be the platform of choice for our district.


I feel like Zoom is being held accountable for users who don’t follow safety precautions. I can say here in a district of 90,000 k-12 we are allowed to use Zoom. However I can see that districts which of course cannot be guaranteed that staff will follow the steps needed wish to avoid the fallout. I am curious if other video conferencing platforms which are widely used with minors are inherently fool-proofed?