NY Times- "Tesla Does Make Cars"

Indeed, the main difference between Mr. Musk and Silicon Valley’s fallen heroes is that he has been able to deliver on some promises: Tesla does make cars, and SpaceX does land rockets. But as a number of old promises like fully self-driving cars appear to be more aspirational and less plausible, the distinction between him and those fallen heroes is starting to lose its meaning. His long list of unfulfilled commitments — a fully solar-powered electric vehicle charging network, a fully automated manufacturing system, an autonomous minibus and even a rocket-powered flying car — wildly exceed his achievements.



Is hyperloop a plus or a minus?

And his solar panel company taken over by Tesla, how’s it doing? We don’t hear much about it.

He seems clever about attracting attention to his successes. Maybe a necessary requirement for a visionary.

His long list of unfulfilled commitments — … — wildly exceed his achievements.

I’d say par for the course.

Survivorship bias, survival bias or immortal time bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to incorrect conclusions.


Failures are seldom recorded in history except for the sensational ones. We create millions of failures daily that are never recorded but Musk’s, being the celebrity he has become, are newsworthy.

Denny Schlesinger


Seems like the board likes this NY Times hit piece. 6 recs!!


Tesla buyers never got the promised software update. The cars still cannot drive themselves without humans. But every year since then, he has repeated different versions of this claim. His ability to repeatedly sell such science fiction fantasies to a credulous public is the foundation for a vast empire and fortune.



His ability to repeatedly sell such science fiction fantasies to a credulous public is the foundation for a vast empire and fortune.

Reminds me of a Liberace quote: “I cried all the way to the bank!”

Denny Schlesinger


There are many, including this board, who think it is all a scam.

Tesla owners, overwhelmingly are quite satisfied with the overall performance of Tesla EV’s.

Why is that? You, that mock Elon’s overly optimistic goals.


{not a Tesla EV owner, yet}


I have driven my new model Y 5100 miles. Love the car. Superchargers are fine when I travel. One problem and will bring it in to a service center. Half the miles at home which is free. I have spent $385 on those 5100 miles.

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