OT for Wendy (not really 😉)

Meet Max our new family member/foster fail. A recent acquisition by a rescue group my daughter and one of her staff works with. An 8 month old Labradoodle pup who spent most of his life crated because he was a “crazy dog”. Owners finally gave him up (probably the most worthwhile thing they did for him) but not before his legs were quite severely bowed.

Look how mellow he is in a tack store surrounded by interesting smells and other dogs! Crazy my arse…he’s a pup with a bit of energy to burn (my daughter’s other dog ruptured an ACL yesterday cavorting with him…surgery tomorrow :flushed:) A really good boy.

I’m of the opinion that the “person who created him” (apparently can’t use the word that starts with B and rhymes with leader??) ought to be given a heads-up on the type of home one of his/her dogs ended in. The first lot allegedly paid $4,500 for him. What do you think?


Wow a labradoodle. Two high energy dogs but very smart. I would never pay 4500 dollars but would love to have a dog like that. I had a lab that passed but what a fun dog to train. She learned hand signs and was a phenomenal bird dog and buddy. Hiked 45 miles with her and she carried her food in a backpack. Really sorry to see her go but when she was a pup my wife hated her. She kept eating one of her shoes, not both just one of each shoe she had in her closet. LOL. My wife was so furious and I said why are you so mad, Now you get to go shopping for more shoes. After that she loved the dog. But Labs are high energy dogs and must be exercised all the time. I have a pool and used to train her to dive for ducks in the pool all year round. What a dog.



Wow, what a great “foster fail!” Very nice looking dog. Two high energy, highly intelligent breeds.

Will his bowed legs straighten out with exercise? Of course, Max will need a lot of exercise and running. Not to mention that he may be a handful during his “teenage” years (up to age 2 or so). A tired dog is a good dog!

Max is lucky to have found you instead of being with people who will keep him crated all the time! Wishing your family the best for the next many years. :slight_smile:

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Poodles were originally bred as water retrievers, similar to labs.

Wanna bet that Max will love water?


Oh yea poodles are very smart and great hunters.


Max is actually with my daughter and son in law…and granddaughter…and my daughter’s other dog with the ruptured ACL. I have the Basenji which is also hers but likes life on her own terms…which includes not enjoying the company of most other dogs too much.

The good news is that YES, his legs are already straightening and was obviously a postural issue rather than a deformity. He is in the right family for sure as my daughter is an avid runner and has already taken him on a couple of short easy trail runs. It’s early days to be doing too much without proper conditioning so his exercise has been mostly play and exploring the neighbourhood. He’s as bright as a button and is picking up basic commands very quickly. A Real Good Boy