Obamacare is universal health care with a crappy health plan and a 20% skim rate to the insurers?

Why do Americans tolerate this kind of political and corporate fraud? Just provide the health care minus the “skim”.

{{ It’s not an ideal mechanism, but it’s vastly better than nothing. Originally, however, the marketplaces were underfunded: The subsidies were too low, so many people still had trouble paying insurance premiums, and there was also a cutoff, with subsidies available only to individuals up to 400 percent of the poverty line.

Biden, as part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, largely resolved these problems, reducing maximum premium payments (net of subsidies) and eliminating the cliff at 400 percent. The result is to make health insurance coverage substantially more affordable, especially for middle-income Americans who previously earned too much to be eligible for subsidies. Hence the surge in marketplace enrollments. }}




Subsidy cliff fix only through 2025.

Obamacare’s ‘subsidy cliff’ eliminated through 2025 | healthinsurance.org

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Then you know how to vote in 2024…


Of course. I will never, ever vote for them who have for years been trying to take away my families’ access to health insurance.


It all goes back to the very beginning of this where the refusal to create a public option, combined with the mandate, was a gift across the aisle designed to help get the bill passed. And yes, its sad that it happened.


Geesh. And I remember when a different version of this (one with a public option) was championed by a political candidate - yet there were those that voted for her opponent in 2016. One wonders just what those Americans wanted.

Oh ya, that was you. Did you get what you wanted instead?


Nope. Bernie Sanders got snookered by the DNC in 2020.

The Clintons are at the heart of the bipartisan culture of corruption in Washington – never voted for one.


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I apologize for not being clear. I was referring to her general election opponent. Did you get what you wanted from him?


Actually yes. The Orangeman has revealed the character of the Republicans in Washington. Even Jan 6th wasn’t enough to put country over Party.

Of course, since I live in WA State, no matter who I vote for, Washington’s 12 electoral votes will go to the Democrat.



But has the orangeman revealed his own deplorable character to you yet?

I have a similar problem in Texas, in that my votes will go to the Republican no matter how I vote. This is why we need to abolish the Electoral College.