October that is right folks

In October we are looking at a government shutdown.

The markets are already getting nervous.

The geniuses want more cuts. It would be nice if they had a clue what they were doing.


Forget October (for now, anyway). A UPS strike starting July/Aug would “bring it home” to most of the US (including the politicians) because they would NOT be getting their deliveries.

Oh No not another government shut down. :scream: :rofl: :rofl:


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It could be worse we could cut the budget because of stupid…

This might be extremely true and offensive to many in the demographic here…if we make those “cuts” it is mostly to seniors. I get being honest is very difficult these days. People are dedicated to telling complete lies about the good they can do with cuts.

Yeah lets put grandma in the gutter. Let’s cut…cut…cut…should kill granddad sooner…this has my support but please do not tell me what I am supporting. I do not know and do not want to know. Sarcasm for the challenged.

iirc, the “compromise” that passed both houses and signed by the POTUS, kicks the can down the road two years.

So what are the nutters talking about? Or is this more media inflated hysteria?


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The budget talks are to be completed in October.

No budget can mean no spending.

That may not panout that way but tough guys want that leverage

I’ve noticed over the last few years that UPS is bringing fewer and fewer of my deliveries. Many of them are arriving on Amazon trucks, others via USPS, but much fewer via UPS or Fedex compared to before.

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Same. I see my Amazon orders mostly via USPS. Every now and then it will be the Amazon truck (IF they can find the correct building). Many PBMs ship via USPS due to low cost. The only item I get via FedEx is temp/time sensitive items (i.e. refrigerated stuff) from the PBM. I try to get the refrigerated items locally because I can get hand-delivery, so the stuff that costs $$$$ does not get lost. But the local pharmacy I use says they lose money on one of the drugs, so that is the one delivered via FedEx. They are doing a great job getting the delivery right, so I might try moving more of the other refrigerated items to the same delivery (get it all one time per quarter) next year.

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