We are going to have a government shutdown

There is a lot of anger going on over the indictments.

The government is going to be shutdown.

The first Fitch downgrade was minor. The next downgrade will be much steeper.

There is no other way to play this in my view of it than a bear market is going to come roaring back. It started this last week.

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our occasional government shutdown fiascos is really embarrassing…

BTW I actually think there is no anger going on.

I think we have the greatest acts on earth and they are not in Hollywood.

We will see a government shutdown. It is on the to do list.

Why? Because econ went way over some heads.

We do not need term limits. We just need one word for some of them, “daft”. The trait of being an ejit.

adding saying they are not angry is a bit like saying they may claim to believe in god but most certainly they do not. In that case I am begging other people not to be daft.