Oil is about to crater


This report is very good. It does not say oil is about to crater.

The report like you and most of the pundits are missing a couple of things. I have said both of them but not in relation to oil cratering.

One the report does not address the global slowdown.

Two the report does not address the Kremlin’s oncoming hyperinflation.

With those two factors the Chinese and Indians will force the price down well below the cartel set prices. OPEC will also follow.

Oil is about to crater.

The third factor central banks must tighten and raise rates to head off inflation putting huge pressure on all nominal commodity prices.

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Oil will “crater” when demand drops precipitously.


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Oil will crater before and going into the drop into demand.

But frankly if you are looking at western demand you are looking in the last place demand will drop.

China has already reduced demand. The third world has reduced demand as well. Europe is reducing demand. The US is not far behind. Although the US demand may stay very high.

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