OK, Here comes MacOS Sonoma!

I’m not sure I’m ready, but I do see it in System Settings of my Mac Mini…

Has anyone gone for it yet?


FWIW, I did the deed on my new Mac Mini, M2 Pro just now…
Everything seems to have come into Sonoma without a hitch, everything, so far, still works… I’ll let it fiddle on its own, while I go for a walk, and then do a new backup set with CCC…

Much to investigate, later…

I usually wait until the first major vacation after the first decimal update. Although the last one or two major system updates went without a hitch, mostly, the one or two before that were nightmares. I think one was Catalina – I documented my efforts on Notes on my Mac as well as on the TMF boards some time ago.

Just because my most recent upgrades have been smooth doesn’t mean the nightmares won’t suddenly reappear, so I want a long vacation to take time to try the upgrade and recover if things go wrong. I’ve got too much mission-critical stuff running on my Macs these days.


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I don’t do any complex, or major projects, so I fiddled around a little before taking the plunge… First things I checked after it completed were that my Office 365 was still operational, then on to MacDraft, and it was fine… Adobe Elements, as well, but I did find it had a Raw Add-on available, so that is happening now…

Haven’t seen or had any issues, so far, have done a couple CCC clone backups, the script actually does 3 clones, to an exterior OWC drive case, the 4th slot is TM… A 2Tb SSD, 2-2tb spinners are the backups… Goes pretty quick, so any App update leads me to fire up CCC, run the clone scripts…

Anyway, so far so good…


(this morning, Microspot’s MacDraft Pro had an update to 8.0.2, so as they can, I expect others to also roll out updates.)

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All working good here. Also run Parallels 19 as a VM running Windows 11 for ARM processors.



And today I spotted this, I’ve an elder 11" MacBook Air that might be worth looking into, but I’d like to know more, such as what happens at the next update…

Not yet this adventurous… weco


W+F! My 2019 27" Retina 5K iMac upgraded itself to Sonoma overnight.

(It’s the Mac I mainly do personal stuff on (including offline family finance tracking, so not what I’d consider trivial), while my MBP is used mostly for work. My work has always allowed me to BYOC, allowing me to be my own sysadmin.)

Anyway, my iMac upgraded itself, but my MBP (M1) apparently didn’t. I thought I was being extremely careful in not allowing either machine to upgrade, but I must have done something to allow the iMac to upgrade overnight.

So, now I’m forced to go through and check everything, update everything… Already, I had to replace macports with the Sonoma version, which forced me to reinstall xcodebuild tools and whatnot. Then I found out that they changed macports so that the “update” command doesn’t exist any more. That’s fine, in retrospect it was extraneous since it was inevitably followed by “upgrade outdated”, but it’s still an unexpected change. So now I’m running “upgrade outdated” on macports to upgrade all the old Unix-layer tools that may be even a decimal point out of date, so who knows how long that will take?


Yikes, my M2 Mini didn’t auto-update, was running Ventura, it was left as an option below the other updates, so I put it off a while… Your update is surprising… Hate surprises… DW hates surprises, iOS * WatchOS changes have caused problems, new places for the pinger so she can find her iPhone, had to dig around to figure that out, calm the waters…

Well, here’s an oldie but goodie: My HP printer drivers and utilities need updating or something. Apparently the utilities have been removed or relocated, since they’re no longer locatable from the Dock, and I don’t remember where they were located on disk.

Of course, I’m not sure that my printers are have support for Sonoma, either. I’ll have to find out later, but one of the is a MFP with a scanner that I use pretty regularly.


Not sure about the HP drivers, they seemed to be real slow to update their stuff, back in the old days, I gave up once they locked me into only using OEM carts, went to a brother laser, all in one…

But as far as scanners, I’ve always used VueScan as my go-to app, he’s always updating, always responsive to questions… Hamrick software…

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And now 14.1!

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And this point update today…

macOS 14.1.1 Update (bug and security fixes)
Info from what’s new in the updates for macOS Sonoma for version 14.1.1:
“Provides important bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.”
Apple’s security releases page says “This update has no published CVE entries”.
(You can check feedback in Apple’s macOS Sonoma discussion forum.)

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Well, back in October, my Intel iMac upgraded itself to Sonoma, which was an unwelcome surprise, though the actual upgrade seems to have left very little broken. But just to be safe, I made sure my M1 MBP wouldn’t upgrade itself

So, now that we’re in the middle of the holidays, and I’m in a brief lull between work items, I’m upgrading my M1 MBP overnight. Fingers crossed that Murphy’s Law doesn’t pop up.


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All I had, when going to Sonoma on the new Mini M2, were some software that didn’t make the grade, so I had to make some choices, dropped PhotoShop, went with just Elements, and I had to upgrade my 2D MacDraft program, a few other apps fell off, mostly unused anyway, a new AppZapper has been a handy cleanup tool… Office 365 had kept up, so no problem there…

So far so good! You should be fine…

Totally agree with you, always wait for the first bug update at least before I download