Okta breach and Cloudflare response

The Okta breach was previously mentioned and in my estimation there were some cursory mentions of Cloudflare. My post focuses on Cloudflare’s response, which I think should get additional attention.

Here is there blog post on their investigation - https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-investigation-of-the-…

I have read many of these over the years and have found this to be the most comprehensive and detailed response I have read. In summary, this is how the post is formatted.

  • Timeline of Facts
  • How Cloudflare uses Okta
  • What to do if you are an Okta customer
  • Conclusion

I view NET as one of the companies that is on the fringe of financial results to be considered for this board. Despite that I am long NET (10% of portfolio)and am considering more.

If a company can be this transparent about a security issue that could significantly impact their business then I have greater confidence that they will be transparent about their financial performance. My opinion.

Numbers are numbers and certainly impact our decisions to invest, before that you need trust and I think that Cloudflare has done a better job than most to engender that.