On buying my stock holdings.

I’m concerned that several new members of the board have recently commented that they are trying to mirror my positions. That’s really not a good idea. This board is to teach you how to do it for yourself, and if what you do is just copy me, YOU won’t learn how to do it. What I’m hoping is that you apply the kind of analysis you learn here to stocks that YOU are interested in and make your own decisions about them. (“If I give you a fish I feed you for a day. If I teach you how to fish, I feed you for the rest of your life.”) Also remember your investing needs, income, savings, financial situation, etc may be very different than mine, that I make changes in mid-month that I usually don’t mention until the end of the month summary, that I sometimes make mistakes, even big mistakes, and that I sometimes correct them, again without describing the changes until the end of the month. It’s very important that you make your own decisions. And good luck and have fun investing.

By the way, in addition to the Knowledgebase, which I consider very important (see below), you might also take a look at Neil’s “Weekly Analysis Club” which is also a public board: http://discussion.fool.com/an-introduction-31752485.aspx


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I think you are correct to be concerned about “mirroring” it is tempting. But like all forms of “mirroring” the lack of understanding that creates faith which allows, or promotes action, will lead to failure.

If one doesn’t have the deep understanding, he can’t make the tough calls, the call to buy and the call to sell.

Qazulight (one of little faith)


you might also take a look at Neil’s “Weekly Analysis Club” which is also a public board

We’d love to have more folks analyzing companies with us! We’re experimenting with 2-week long periods now instead of doing a company every week, so the pace should be a bit easier, and – as luck would have it – we happen to be starting a brand new company today:


I would especially encourage anyone who feels at all intimidated by annual reports or conference call transcripts to join us. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you get comfortable with them once you take the plunge, and I firmly believe it will make a huge positive difference to your investing. We’re a very friendly group over there, all trying to learn and better ourselves, and I assure you we all make mistakes. :slight_smile: There’s nothing to fear!

We’re also experimenting with alternating between (curated) computer-chosen companies and “free choice” where each person picks their own company to analyze (it was always computer-chosen before). My personal opinion is that there is a lot of value in analyzing “random” companies when you first start, especially since there’s no pressure to “get it right” like you might feel for companies in your own portfolio, and it exposes you to a variety of industries, business strategies, management choices, etc. But I also understand that some people feel like their time is already very limited and would prefer to focus it on companies they already own or are interested in, where that invested time will help them immediately with their current investment decisions. So we’re trying a mix of both now.

But wait, how do you get started? Especially if you have no idea where to start?

I assure you it’s all very casual. :slight_smile: Here is a thread on how someone might go about analyzing a company in just 15 minutes a day (back when we were doing a company each week – now it’s every 2 weeks, so you have double the time):


Here is another thread that goes over what I personally try to do, along with contributions from others:


But really the most important thing is to just do it and start getting practice! Like all new endeavors, it might seem hard and foreign at first, but the practice pays off pretty quickly: I think after you’ve done 3-4 companies you’ll already be feeling much more comfortable, and after 5-6 you’ll be genuinely surprised at how easy it’s become! And it just gets better from there.

So please, come on over, join us, post any questions you have, and jump on in! We’ll be taking 2 weeks to analyze the current company and then posting our thoughts and discussing it (if you get done early, feel free to post early!).



thanks for your posts, insightfulness, and care. I am new here, and feel the pull to just copy success, but through the knowledge base and posts like this one I choose to learn to ‘fish’ and feel much more conviction for what and why I buy and sell (not much yet).

You do a good job of emphasizing learning, investing, and making your own decisions, and I for one appreciate your efforts.



You do a good job of emphasizing learning, investing, and making your own decisions, and I for one appreciate your efforts. - Robert

Thanks, Robert, for your kind words,