on selling or not selling

2011 I went all in with RB and some SA. Shortly thereafter the market dropped somewhere like 15 to 20%. Many do not remember that happening because it was so short lived. My holdings went down of course, more than the market.

I stayed calm and I remember reading a piece of advice from MF to do nothing. I was already comfortable with doing nothing and/or even buying into the drop. So I was starting to get it right.

Later on when I would sometimes go in and out and back in again hurky jerky style, I saw that going in and out was was mostly OK because the main thing was to stay consistently invested in the right stocks.

There came a time though that I started to feel guilty everytime I did this because it’s buy and hold ( which I agreed with). But I kept feeling guilty as though someone was watching what I did. Then One day I realized nobody is watching what I do. Just do what you need to do until you feel comfortable.

When I recently came over to Saul’s discussions and saw what Saul does in this regard, I thought, Here is a guy who knows stuff that is way beyond what I know. And He always gives himself the liberty to change his mind. Buy and sell anytime he wants to. Saul is very smart and nimble about how he goes about it.

Maybe someday I can get smarter and nimbler. Nimbler? is that a word?
I don’t know. Whatever. :slight_smile: Hopefully it is not too late for me to learn some of what Saul knows and be able to do better myself .I certainly hope so. Lot’s of competent people here and on some of the other boards.



Maybe someday I can get smarter and nimbler. Nimbler? is that a word?

If not, just say “more nimbly”. :wink:


Hah ! :slight_smile:

Nimbler? is that a word?

Yes, a “Nimble nibbler!” :wink:

The Captain

Nimbler? is that a word?

Of course it is, or it should be. This is American English; “'sup” is a greeting now. We can do whatever we want with it. :slight_smile:


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