On the rate of revenue growth slowing down

Well you told me to pick only one stock and I know you are pretty heavy in NVDA, have you looked at FB? Its last earnings was really solid for such a big company.


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thanks. I am not into the social messaging theme so I really do not understand the appeal of Facebook… Even if I were to study up on it I would be at a disadvantage to those following the Peter Lynch principle. But maybe I should reevaluate.

In general I am only buying companies that I think might give me a two bagger or better within a few years. From today’s bull market inflated prices, not an easy task. I am concentrating on the stocks I already own because I can only keep up to date on a limited number of stocks.


But to use Shopify to explain Hubs or to use NEWC to explain Hubs…

FWIW, I don’t hold HUBS, nor was I trying to argue that anyone should or should not hold HUBS.

I’ve stated it as clearly as I can:

As I read it, Saul isn’t comparing HUBS to SHOP; he’s just using SHOP as an example to illustrate how a company can make more and more money each quarter and still have a slowing rate of revenue growth.