One reason for Netflix's difficulties

Last week, my Hulu subscription ended, so it was time for me to start a new subscription with another streaming video service. So I tried to start a Netflix subscription, but the system kept refusing to accept payment from me. I tried both my credit card and Paypal, but I was unable to subscribe, and the error message didn’t say what was wrong with my attempt to pay. I called customer service but was unable to get this matter resolved, even with a new email address, clearing my browser cache, trying a different browser, and trying the incognito mode on my browser.

I had the same problem last month, which led me to give up and subscribe to Hulu. I gave up again this month and went with Paramount Plus. I had no problems with either service. They accepted my credit card the FIRST time. I didn’t have to clear my browser cache, try a different browser, try the incognito mode in my browser, or get the planets properly aligned.

I wonder how many other people have had the same problem I’ve had. I can’t believe that Netflix hasn’t resolved it. They need me more than I need them, because I have alternatives. Paramount Plus gives me access to lots of great TV shows, such as The Love Boat iCarly (which is back with new episodes), and Double Dare.


Do you have a VPN? Netflix is different in different countries.

Odd that the phone customer service couldn’t resolve it. We’ve had no difficulties with our subscriptions (we have both Hulu and Netflix).

Do you have a VPN? Netflix is different in different countries.

No, I don’t have a VPN. I live in the USA, so I highly doubt my location is an issue.

I have VPN. Mostly I go through Romania, or some other European country that has stricter privacy rules. But sometimes I have to suspend it because a website doesn’t want me to log-in from Romania (or the EU).