Opportunity in Fear

In the midst of the darkest hours and days during the recent Covid-19 Correction; while many were selling and pulling out of the market to go to cash, I posted a message to this board that was part truth, part sarcasm and part tongue-in-cheek about thanking those that were panicking because their fear was creating my opportunity. I posted then and have since re-posted the famous Buffett quote; “Be Fearful When Others are Greedy and Be Greedy When Others are Fearful”

Today, I provide a list below of the additions I made to existing positions in my portfolio in those darkest of days. You can see the company I added to, the date on which that added position was purchased and how that added position has performed to date.

The intent of this post is not to gloat (although I have been known to do that), but rather to educate or reinforce Buffett’s axiom about being ready to run towards the market when it is on fire while many others are running for shelter in cash.

Lastly, I understand that we may still be early in this game and therefore I am not declaring victory or spiking the ball; I am just providing an update. I will be ready to deploy more cash should we see more down turns in the market. In fact, I would welcome another opportunity and hope that this time it is not a result of your fear!

CRWD	03/12/20	66%		FRPT	03/25/20	23%
SQ	03/18/20	66%		WORK	03/11/20	22%
ROKU	03/12/20	52%		SE	03/30/20	22%
TTD	03/18/20	51%		MELI	03/24/20	21%
AYX	03/16/20	50%		SFIX	03/30/20	21%
LVGO	03/03/20	49%		BL	03/25/20	19%
COUP	03/12/20	44%		DAVA	03/25/20	19%
MDB	03/12/20	38%		TEAM	03/11/20	18%
NVDA	03/16/20	36%		NET	03/23/20	18%
PPD	03/30/20	36%		GNRC	03/25/20	17%
APPN	03/18/20	35%		WIFI	03/26/20	16%
DDOG	03/16/20	33%		ESTC	03/11/20	16%
PINS	03/12/20	30%		LULU	03/11/20	15%
PAYC	03/23/20	29%		ADBE	03/16/20	14%
FSLY	03/25/20	29%		PYPL	03/25/20	13%
AMT	03/25/20	28%		BABA	03/17/20	12%
CME	03/25/20	28%		RDFN	03/25/20	11%
KNSL	03/18/20	27%		RUBI	03/18/20	11%
QCOM	11/13/00	27%		HUBS	03/25/20	6%
MA	03/23/20	27%		AAPL	03/12/20	5%
MSFT	03/16/20	25%		V	03/25/20	5%
ZNGA	03/12/20	24%		ZM	03/30/20	-1%
GLOB	03/25/20	24%		LK	03/24/20	-84%

Well done
I did buy some of the stocks, but not enough and I went in too early
The question I have is, where is the cash coming from for new investments.
A lot of people on this board are invested 100%, so they need to sell stocks in order to buy, not that easy.
Do you have cash on the sidelines or how do you handle this issue?


I recommend you to read the rules of the board before posting.

Also I recommend you to read at least ALL the posts from Saul. After I did that, changing an investment for another became easier.

Best and Happy Learning,

Pablo Ahlers


So I guess I should have sent a private email
As to your comment about reading ALL of Saul’s posts, I was a poster on this site when we were still under 1000 when did you get here :slight_smile:



My intention was to support you based on my experience in this amazing board.
I got in here on the 13th January 2019, when someone who regularly post here told me about it.
But does that matter?
IMO what matters and what I’m doing is learning to contribute.


Pablo Ahlers


I was a poster on this site when we were still under 1000. When did you get here

Wyking, I see you have now picked a fight with two people in two posts. That is not what this board is about. It may go on other boards but not this one. This is a board where we cooperate and discuss civilly, and try to help each other.

If you continue like this, I promise you that your posts will be deleted and you will eventually be banned from the board.


"Well done
I did buy some of the stocks, but not enough and I went in too early
The question I have is, where is the cash coming from for new investments."

Wyking…a reasonable question. I deployed a considerable amount of capital to achieve those 40+ buys to add to existing positions. A small percentage of that was from selling portions of, however not all, of existing positions with lower conviction including: APPN, JMIA, TTD, ILMN, CRM

The lion’s share of the assets deployed came from cash balances I was holding in commercial and residential income property bank accounts that I own and manage.