2 stocks that have crossed my radar recently and I am still researching. I’ll try to put together some actual numbers unless someone chimes in with some big negatives.

ORA - I sold this ~9 years ago after a run up. Their business model seems nearly without risk. Their valuation is reasonable. I listened to their Q1 earnings presentation and things were positive. The downside is that their growth rate may be too modest to warrant a position. It looks like ORA has been discussed here but not in a long time.

MPG - I was researching LGIH when I noticed MPG listed as a sector peer stock. What caught my eye initially is that my broker has an ‘A’ rating on it, which is rare. Not only that but about the highest rating possible. They make auto parts. Berkshire recently bought Precision Cast Parts. Alcoa is spinning off ‘Arconic’ - a specialty metals maker for auto and aircraft. Coincidence? What’s the deal I wonder? If this one was discussed already I didn’t see it.