OT: A question for VL subscribers

I hope there are enough VL subscribers left around here who might help me troubleshoot an apparent bug.

I use the Export function in VL to download the whole database into a spreadsheet every week so that I can produce my own screen rankings. For several months now there has been a problem - in the downloaded spreadsheet (I use a .txt format. The .xlxs format doesn’t work) I get a column of numbers at column HV, under the heading “% Institutional Holdings”, that seems to be inserted out of the blue. All the subsequent data are shifted one column to the right so that they aren’t positioned under the correct heading. So the correct data for column HV is in column HW, the data for column HW is in column HX, etc. I’ve been fixing this manually, but it’s a drag.

Has anyone else seen this? Or can you say that it isn’t happening in your Export function, so perhaps it’s a bug of my own making?

BTW, I’m running Investment Analyzer dated 05/2021.

It’s probably best if you respond to me privately by email.