OT: Code v0.1

Hi all, a bit off-topic, but the first public version of my data munging code is accessible.


Let me know if theres things you’d like added/changed/fixed. I’ve kept it super simple, so people can just grab what they need for their own uses, and spend more time thinking about stocks rather than transposing data.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Note the text format is markdown, so you can copy and paste it into a markdown editor (eg: https://stackedit.io, https://dillinger.io) and it will pretty it up for you.



Hi Greg. Your link gave me a 403 Forbidden error.

Hopefully fixed now. I got a bit lost in the AWS permissions…



But, I see an error or two in the EPS calcs for LGIH

Looking at delta Q-1, $2.11 (Q2) and $1.23 (Q1)that’s $0.82 vs. $0.72 in the table;


Q4 17 $1.64 vs. Q1 18 $1.23 that’s ($0.21) vs. ($0.25);

and delta Y-o-Y of $2.11 vs. $1.49 is $0.62 vs. $0.42.

If my math is off, I’m sooo embarrassed. Some of this might be due to shares outstanding as there were convertible bonds that added to fully… fully what!?? brain cramp… diluted share count. This might distort the important p/e range for buy points based on value.

I’ll check the 10-K’s and Q’s and see if I can figure it out.

Thanks, Greg, for this valuable tool.


Thanks, Greg. This could be very useful.

I tried one just to see. NVDA. One thing that I noticed is that the program is mislabeling the quarters. NVDA’s financial reporting is a bit odd. They report in April, July, October and January (but not always the very last day of the month) with the FYs ending in January. They are also already on FY2019 even though it’s still 2018. The program is calling last quarter Q3 2018 even though the quarter was Q2 2019. I’m not sure if this is easy to fix, but, if not, people should be aware that the actual quarters as called by the company will not always be the same as what the quarters are called by the tool.



I noted the same – NVDA was the first one I tried as well. :slight_smile: Other companies like NTAP also have a mid-year fiscal start, so the NTAP data looks incomplete and/or mislabeled as well. NetApp’s April 2018 reporting would be FY18Q4/end-of-year, and it’s shown as FY18Q2. And, for NTAP, where is the most recent quarter’s data (reported Aug. 15 for FY19Q1)?

Otherwise, this is super-cool and very useful!!

Hi Greg,

Something isn’t working right for me. I tried TTD, NFLX, AMZN, and a couple others. And nothing happened. Just a blank white page.


Hi Guys, this is a very personal and OT thread. We have seven posts on it already. Could we take it off-board please.
Thanks for your cooperation,


Hi Guys, this is a very personal and OT thread. We have seven posts on it already. Could we take it off-board please.
Thanks for your cooperation,

Saul, I am not sure which part of this thread is/was personal, and it seems to me to be very much on-topic as it points to what looks to be a potentially VERY useful tool to quickly pull financial data for different companies. Maybe if it had been presented differently in the first post as being on-topic rather than labeling it as OT there wouldn’t have been the same perception.

Some of the specific ratios pulled by this tool seem to be directly inspired from the knowledge base here.

If anyone hasn’t checked out the tool Greg is developing, I recommend giving it a look for some quick TTM y-o-y revenue growth numbers, EPS, or FCF. Here is the link again if you don’t want to navigate back to the first post in the thread.

long continuing to help improve Greg’s tool for pulling numbers far more quickly (even if they should still be double-checked for full due diligence)


Hi Guys, this is a very personal and OT thread.


I’m stunned.

Agree with Volfan. Keep your chin up, Greg



Could it be that he was suggesting a donation? Just saying.

Apologies Saul for another message, everyone please respect Saul’s wishes and finish this thread now, happy to discuss offline.

And please don’t donate if you don’t feel like it, its my contribution to this and other boards.



The tool is great. Some subset of readers will find it very useful, and we wouldn’t know about it if you didn’t post that it was available. I don’t think anyone begrudges you for it.

I think the issue comes from the multitude of responses, especially those that might fall under the category of tech support questions. Those are relevant to a much smaller subset of people, and it would be hard to argue that they have much relevance toward advancing the discussion of hyper-growth SAASy stocks. Those responses could be emailed directly instead of posted to the board in order to reduce the chatter.

At least that’s my interpretation, YMMV.



Those responses could be emailed directly

Or, better yet, start a board to discuss the tool, akin to Radish’s Roughnecks (RIP). That way, the tool is at least nominally visible to a larger community and it is very easy to point people to the board as a place for information. It also provides great visibility on all issues and their resolution.


how do you remove a company once entered?
Very useful tool