OT: A rose by any other name

First of all, assuming the entire world reads this post, for about a third of you:



(The Shanghai) subway system’s attempt to spread some Lunar New Year cheer backfired over the weekend, as panicked passengers mistook seasonal red QR codes for positive Covid tests.

Chinese social media users reported Sunday that the Shanghai metro’s QR code — which passengers scan when they enter and exit stations -— had changed color from its usual black to red, according to state-run news outlet The Paper.

It sparked terror in many passengers, and for good reason. For the past two years, a red QR code in China has meant that you have — or are suspected to have — Covid-19.

“When I saw it this morning, I thought my health code turned red,” one user commented on the Twitter-like platform Weibo. “At the station exit, I thought about life for a long time, I thought I was going to be taken away.”

(Who used to give one additional New Year, religious holiday or birthday of choice per year as an additional vacation day to all employees)