The Chinese Public Are About To Get Really Ugly…

The Chinese government is using the Covid tracking app to stop protests.

This can easily lead to a massive new Covid outbreak in China as the app might be dumped by the public. Then lockdowns? That has already really pissed of the public.

This is going to get really really ugly and violent. Kill my grandma and lose my money? Forgiveness aint going to happen. Send in my army to kill me? You want to see riots?

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Many of the petitioners posted their red health codes on Chinese social media sites, suggesting that the inexplicable change was no coincidence. Their complaints quickly fueled widespread outrage and prompted a slew of questions, even drawing an unusual rebuke from establishment commentators, who asked if the local authorities had abused their power.

Hu Xijin, a former editor of the ruling Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper, warned that the use of the health code for purposes other than epidemic control “damages the authority” of the monitoring system and would chip away at the public’s support for it. His post on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform, on Monday became a hashtag that was among the most-searched earlier this week, drawing 280 million views.

it is too late the cat is out of the bag…that small act to hold off about 100 protestors detaining them for 12 hours in a quarantine. The fuse is lit.

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